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I've got a twenty dollar bill
I'm Vixiee and I everytime I try to paint my own nails, they end up looking like shit

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My five head and I can’t get enough sleep recently… 💤Wearing @evolvedragonfly plugs💕 #evolvedragonfly 2 notesReblog
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Times a flyin’ @fuckindave ❤️ #mcm 1 noteReblog
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"Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions. Life is great. Without it, you’d be dead.
Gummo (1997), dir. Harmony Korine
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This year taught me that my loneliness has more to do with myself than anyone else. The loneliest I will ever be is when I do not have the strength to love myself.

— Marianna Paige (via chromesk-ull)

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