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I've got a twenty dollar bill
I'm Vixiee and I everytime I try to paint my own nails, they end up looking like shit

SG Hopeful | Zivity | @VixieeModel

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Being sick isn’t so bad when you have another person you can infect with your potentially contagious and possibly deadly virus 💏 #worldsgrossestcouple 0 notesReblog

Ohhh god….the snowcone with the bubble gum at the bottom!! xD
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finally, a soup that’s right for me
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Feelin like shit #nyquil 1 noteReblog
Pink mint chip ice cream💘 #PacificBeach #bigkahunashomeadeicecream 2 notesReblog

#AaronWestandTheRoaringTwenties at the Irenic in San Diego💙 such an awesome show with such awesome people. @laceyyyjane @corina_tayyy @micmacpattywack

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Blimpkin Marys🍹🍹 @corina_tayyy #PacificBeach 2 notesReblog